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President / Founder of America’s Financial Network, Inc.

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Chris Zaal is the President / Founder of America’s Financial Network, Inc. It has been an accepted opinion, in the business world, that a successful company is nothing but a shadow of its founder and of his character and talents; moreover, it is a fact that the company will remain successful so long as it adheres to the direction pointed by the character and the moral compass of its founder.

To see and understand Chris Zaal’s character and professionalism, one has to do no more than follow his three decades of a successful path at the companies he was part of, or the success of

companies he’d founded. Throughout his outstanding career, he kept his sights on his ‘win-win’ business philosophy and the uncompromising adherence to the principles of his moral compass.

In 1980, at the Penn Corp. Financial Corporation in Silver Spring MD, he became a participating partner and later opened the Oklahoma office managing it to become a top producer for the

company. Moving up rapidly in the corporate ladder, he was promoted to a regional manager at the company’s Texas and Oklahoma office. Under his direction, and within two short years, the

office became the number one office for the Penn Corp. financial network.

In 1992 when he founded America’s Financial Network, Inc. (AFN, Inc.), Chris’ business career truly excelled. The newly formed company combined two marketing groups: Atlantis Financial

Group, Inc. (AFG), and American Teacher Retirement Services, LLC. (ATRS), to focus on developing new books of business through satisfying clients’ financial well-being and success.

In 2005 when he founded Apple Custom Homes, Chris assisted with the design and general contracting duties of several high end custom homes. Several homes that Apple Custom

Homes built in the prestigious community of Kings Lake, where featured in the Parade of Homes in 2005.

In 2009 Chris establish CAZ Capital Partners, LLC in McKinney TX., which is nationally a key player in the consulting industry with a predominate focus on personal and commercial funding.

Chris’ ongoing success in the business world is a positive proof that: The good guy finishes first! Chris’ success is not limited to his business life and career. His win-win philosophy and moral

compass serve him well in his community life, as well as in his personal life. For the ordinary person, the business world leaves little or no time for community involvement; however, Chris is

not your ordinary guy. He found the time to help a Katarina victim, found the time to engage in activity that made him worthy of the National Leadership Award of the Republican Party, time to

act as a VP on the board of Woodland Bridge Homeowners’ Assoc., time to serve as the treasurer of the Stonebridge Area Action Committee, and the time and commitment to coach

competitive basketball.

Chris and Kathy have been married for over three decades and live in their beautiful home in McKinney, TX. They raised two great young men, Blake and Chase, who seem to follow in their

father’s path, and most recently, have become grandparents to two beautiful little boys and a precious little girl. Chris enjoys working out and rides in the country on his spotless and

polished Harley Davidson ‘Fat-Boy’. He lives by this motto: “Helping people is the essence of success” –Chris Zaal

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